Hospitalization without consent, the crack of fingers, the World Day of Bipolar Disorders: info of the day

Interview with Adeline Hazan to talk about hospitalizations without consent in psychiatry, the mystery of finger crunches and World Bipolar Disorder Day: find the three main news of the day.

Adeline Hazan: "In psychiatry, there is too much recourse to hospitalization without consent"

Adeline Hazan, Comptroller General of Places of Deprivation of Liberty (CGLPL), has just published her report for the year 2017. Concerning psychiatry, she denounces an increase in hospitalizations without consent and a trivialization of restrictions, calling for a "take of awareness "of the rights of the hospitalized person. "In many institutions, 40%, sometimes 50%, of hospitalizations are without consent, according to national statistics, hospitalizations without consent have almost doubled over ten years!" This is a real problem, "she says. Why Doctor? Find the full interview in our article.

The mystery of crackling fingers finally solved

Machinary habit for some, horrifying mania for others, the fact of cracking his fingers was so far surrounded by an aura of mystery. Where does the famous "crack" come from when you pull on your joints? Scientists have finally found the answer. According to a study published Thursday, March 28 in the journal Scientific Reports, conducted by researchers from the Polytechnic School of Palaiseau, Essonne, and Stanford University in California, the cracks are due to the bursting of bubbles microscopic in the liquid of the joints of the fingers. For more information, click here.

World Bipolar Disorder Day: Presentation of an unknown and misdiagnosed disease

World Bipolar Disorder Day is Friday, March 30th. A date chosen in reference to the suicide of the painter Vincent Van Gogh occurred in 1890, after an internment in a French asylum. Victim of behavioral disorders that had led him, in particular, to cut his ear, the artist was very likely bipolar. What are the symptoms of this pathology? Why is it so difficult to diagnose? To learn more, here is our article.

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