All reblochons from the Chabert cheese factory recalled after E-Coli contamination

All reblochons produced by the Savoyard cheese dairy are withdrawn from sale after the contamination of seven children with Escherichia coli bacteria.

It is not only reblochons under the brand "Our regions have talent", marketed by the sign E. Leclerc are recalled. This Monday, May 14, the health authorities have decided to withdraw from sale all raw whole milk reblochons produced by the Savoyard cheese dairy Chabert. Including those sold under the brand Reflets de France (Carrefour) and Routes of flavors (Intermarché).

Seven children aged one and a half to three years were infected with Escherichia coli. Six of them had to be hospitalized last week, including kidney complications.

The appearance of a food poisoning

These children have been infected with the bacteria Escherichia coli 026. This can lead to gastroenteritis with diarrhea, fever and vomiting. In principle nothing serious, just a banal food poisoning. But the sick person can have significant, sometimes bloody diarrhea. In children, severe renal complications are to be feared. Like hemolytic uremic syndrome.

Risks of haemolytic uremic syndrome

In case of Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS), the person is contaminated with a dangerous strain of E. coli bacteria. Usually, this bacterium is present in our digestive tract and multiplies every twenty minutes, without representing any danger.

But when it's a "bad" strain, a toxin is released and attacks the red blood cells and kidneys. In 3 to 5% of cases, this syndrome can be fatal. Very recently in the United States, 121 people were infected with E.Coli bacteria after consuming a Roman lettuce. One person has died.

Hygiene measures to respect

People who have consumed these reblochons whole raw milk cheese Chabert, and who have symptoms, should consult a doctor as soon as possible. If, the cheese was eaten more than ten days ago without any symptoms, do not worry.

To avoid this type of contamination, there are some hygiene measures to respect. First for cheeses, avoid those with raw milk, especially for children and the elderly. For meat, it must be eaten well cooked. Anything in contact with the raw meat should be cleaned.

Video: Escherichia coli: Tous les reblochons de la fromagerie Chabert retirés de la vente (February 2020).