2018 Baccalaureate: Six Health Tips for Success

The first philosophy test of the 2018 Baccalaureate will take place on Monday, June 18th. Here are six health tips to put the odds on your side.

A few weeks before the first test of philosophy of Bac 2018, Monday, June 18, it is time to put in good physical conditions, inseparable from a good intellectual success. Here are six health tips that will help young people to be at the top on D-Day.

1 / Sleep: do not go to bed after 23h

To be on top, one must first look after one's sleep. This is one of the keys to success because insufficient sleep, in quantity and quality, is likely to impair concentration and memory. Clearly, it is necessary to go to bed between 22h and 23h maximum and to ban the fat mornings to avoid breaks of rhythm. Late fiestas must be postponed.

And for those who sleep long nights, you should know that deep in his bed, we continue to memorize his classes. Imaging studies have shown that the same areas of the brain are active during learning periods, but also during sleep. This does not mean that it is enough to broadcast a course during the night so that everything is memorized. But taking a look at it before closing the two can help retain some of the notions.

Even short, the naps have the same virtues as the nights.

2 / Food: slow sugars the day before the test

The miracle recipe for a successful baccalaureate does not exist, but eating varied and balanced can save a little salutary point. On the menu: fruits, vegetables, proteins, starchy foods ... Meals that are too fat and too heavy are to be avoided because they are more difficult to digest and can alter sleep. As for those who do not like fish, it's useless to make orgies in the hope of boosting his memory. The beneficial effect of fish on memory has never been scientifically proven.

And Sunday night, as a sportsman before his competition, the candidate for the baccalaureate has interest in eating slow sugars, such as pasta and rice. These high carbohydrate foods of slow assimilation give energy for the day J. As for the breakfast of Monday morning, the white bread and the jam which are slow sugars can cause a blow of pump within the two hours which follow. Bread, butter, dairy and fruit allow, on the contrary, to keep the distance, ie the 4 hours of the test of philosophy.

3 / Ban the use of alcohol and drugs

Obviously, the consumption of alcohol and drugs is to be avoided scrupulously. Alcohol and drugs affect long-term memory and learning ability. They affect the hippocampus, an area of ​​the brain linked to memory.

4 / Drugs: beware of "doping products" before exams

At this time of the year, the windows of pharmacies are full of advertisements for food supplements of all kinds. Some to boost memory, others to manage stress or others to fight against fatigue. None of them has proven effective. Except in the case of a real deficiency, a normal diet must suffice.
Some high school students go even further and consume amphetamines. A survey conducted in 2006 by the Observatory of Student Life showed that 1 in 5 students "doped" before the exams. Obviously, the temptation is great. But the game is not worth the candle. These products can cause side effects, and most importantly, they can quickly induce dependence.

5 / Sports

To relieve stress and promote sleep, a short jogging type of sport will be more judicious.

6 / Screens: reduce consumption

Whether the smartphone, television or tablet, drastically reduce their consumption promotes sleep and concentration.

Video: Health Sciences Convocation, May 2018 (February 2020).