Aids: AIDES association launches national campaign on PrEP preventive treatment

The HIV association is launching a national campaign to discover this preventive treatment. Today, only 7,000 people would use it in France.

"PrEP 4 love", if you have not seen it yet, you are likely to see this slogan written on a bus, in the subway or on the internet this summer. The AIDS Relief Association, AIDES, is launching an information campaign on PrEP, a preventive treatment for HIV. Launched 18 months ago, it is now little used.

# Prep4Love
And if the #Prep was made for you?
This revolution in the prevention of #VIH is still too little known, especially those who could benefit the most ...
Spread the message and provoke the desire ????
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- Association AIDES (@assoAIDES) July 5, 2018

PrEP, from its full name pre-exposure prophylaxis, comes in tablet form that must be taken daily. If treatment is followed seriously, it offers the same protection as a condom, except that it protects only HIV and not other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Marketed under the Truvada brand, it is now available as a generic.

A little known treatment of people at risk

The effectiveness of treatment is recognized by professionals, but today few people know that it exists. "This tool is for people most exposed to the AIDS virus. Especially those who have difficulty using the condom or negotiating its use with their partners. This is particularly the case for many women, still too often dependent on the willingness of men to protect themselves against HIV, "says Camille Spire, a member of the Board of Directors of AIDES, in a press release. Today, 97% of prescriptions concern men who have sex with men. Women represent only 1% of people who use this treatment. Other populations for whom this treatment could be a protection solution include migrants from sub-Saharan Africa and prostitutes.

One million HIV deaths each year

PrEP is now recommended by the High Authority for Health and the World Health Organization as a complementary tool in the prevention of STIs. According to AIDES, in 2015, 37 million people were living with HIV worldwide. Every year, more than one million people die. In 2016, around 6,000 people in France discovered that they were HIV-positive.

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