Acne in adults: not so rare, but not irremediable

Acne pimples are not just for teenagers. More and more adults would be affected regardless of the cause. But it is possible to get rid of it by changing your habits or following a suitable treatment.

Having some unsightly pimples on the face is quite normal during adolescence. When they appear in adulthood, it is more worrying and especially more complex in the social level.

More and more adults have acne, especially women. It is possible to get rid of it by modifying your habits, your diet or by taking a suitable treatment.

One in four adults would be concerned

According to the French Dermatology Society, one in four adults has acne. Women are more concerned than men. People who suffer from it may suffer from psychological pain: lack of self-confidence, tendency to isolation, depression, etc. Social, romantic and professional relationships can be more difficult.

The causes can vary from one person to another: hormonal disorders, stress, premenstrual syndrome, makeup, sun, diet ... Some precautions can reduce or eliminate acne.

Proper hygiene

It is essential to wash your skin without attacking it when you have acne. It should be cleaned once or twice a day with water and using mild and suitable products. No detergents or soaps that dry the skin! If you wear makeup, some powders or foundations can clog the pores and promote the appearance of comedones, it is recommended to focus on "non-comedogenic" products, especially tinted moisturizers. Some people love piercing the pimples, it's a very bad habit, the button is more likely to get infected and leave a nasty scar.

Stress, food, pollution

To overcome acne, it is sometimes enough to be interested in its causes. It may be related to a hormonal imbalance, which must be treated, but sometimes psychology may be the reason for its appearance, too much stress may be responsible for pimples. Adolescents with acne have often been advised to avoid cold cuts and chocolate to get rid of their nasty pimples, which is actually insulin that should be monitored.

Studies show that in some people sensitive to insulin, high sugar intake can cause pimples. Lactose can also promote their appearance. According to research conducted by the laboratory La Roche-Posay, our environment can also change the balance of our skin, indeed, pollution, dust and UV could also be responsible for the aggravation of acne.

Local or oral treatments

New habits and good hygiene are not always enough to overcome acne. In this case, the dermatologist may prescribe oral or local treatments, such as creams based on benzoyl peroxide or retinoids. If the acne is very severe, medicines like Roaccutane are recommended. But the side effects can be many and difficult to bear.

For women, a pill change can be beneficial, some oral contraceptives can treat acne with hormones. In the future, acne could be treated in a completely different way, US researchers have announced that they have found a vaccine to prevent the appearance of these skin lesions.

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