Sexuality: one in three men has already simulated an orgasm

Contrary to what one might think, one man in three has already simulated an orgasm, which is not well supported by female partners when they learn it.

In the collective imagination, it is easily admitted that women can pretend to reach seventh heaven. But if about 70% of them admit having already simulated an orgasm with their partner, nearly one man in three admits to having already feigned. 48% of homosexual men and 34% of bisexuals say they have already pretended to have fun, just like 25% of heterosexual men.

More reproach

It is worth noting that they are more blamed. 21% of heterosexual men interviewed said they had quarreled with their partner after confessing to simulate. Conversely, 31% of pretended women say their partner tried to do better after finding out.

"Sexual intercourse should not lead to guilt or shame, it is important not to put pressure on this race to orgasm. The key is to communicate and listen to his / her partner, "says Dr. Sophie Albe-Ly, doctor at Zava France.
Although 28% of men say it's easier to pretend with a one-night adventure, more than one in three (male and female) interviewees admit to feigning pleasure with a long-time partner. Statistics that fall to 15% once married.

Vaginal penetration provides the most pleasure

For 48.9% of French, vaginal penetration is the sexual practice that gives them the most pleasure. Then come caresses (34.5%), fellatio (12.4%) and cunnilingus (4.2%). The most fond of caresses are the oldest (41.1% of 60-69 years), and the most sensitive to oral sex are young people (14.3% of 18-24 year olds).
Orgasm is the culmination and term of sexual arousal, characterized by intense physical sensations. That of men lasts only 5 to 22 seconds, and is not systematically associated with ejaculation. When they are distracted just before enjoying, the mechanism of ejaculation starts, but the nervous system may not follow.

* Source: Zava study, Faking it. Exploring why women and men fake orgasms.

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