USA: Teen becomes star after getting vaccinated without his mother's approval

Aged 18, Ethan Lindenberger decided to get a flu shot against his mother's advice. A disobedience that is worth to the teen to become a star in the United States.

Received in the US Congress for ... disobeying his mother. This is the story of 18-year-old Ethan Lindenberger, who decided to get vaccinated while his mother is anti-vaccine. The latter is adept at the theory that vaccines would be even more dangerous than the diseases themselves, that they would be the cause of autism. Ethan's mother decided not to vaccinate her seven children. But the teenager waited until he was eighteen to disobey him, mid-December. A gesture greeted by the senators.

American teenagers rebel

It all starts with a message posted on the Reddit social network in November, titled "My parents are a bit silly and do not believe in vaccines". Just eighteen, he asks where he can get vaccinated without the permission of his parents. Very quickly the message becomes viral, it receives thousands of answers and is identified by media and senators. He later received vaccines against hepatitis A and B, influenza and tetanus. Young Ethan is not the only American teenager to oppose his parents on the issue of vaccines. In fact, on Reddit, publications of this kind have been flourishing for some time.

Anti-vaccines, one of the health threats?

Anti-vaccines are not only prevalent in the United States. Earlier this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) released its list of the ten diseases or factors representing an issue for the next twelve months. Opponents of vaccination are on the list, as is dengue or AIDS. The WHO believes that refusing to be vaccinated can hinder the fight against certain diseases. In 2017, the number of measles cases has increased by 30% worldwide. Although this is certainly not the only cause, the decline in vaccination may be a factor in this increase.

France is not spared. In 2018, an additional 2,269 cases of measles were diagnosed compared to 2017. In an interview with Parisian On March 3rd, the Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, indicates that the Hexagon becomes "a territory at risk", pointing the insufficiency of the vaccination coverage.