A good breakfast is good for the arteries

A study in Greece highlights the importance of caloric intake of breakfast. According to his results, the bigger the meal, the better the arteries. But the universality of this study must be relativised because of the particularities of food of this Mediterranean country.

"An energy-rich breakfast should be part of a healthy lifestyle," says Dr. Sotirios Tsalamandris - a cardiologist at the first cardiology clinic at the National and Kapodistrian University in Athens, Greece - who comes from lead a study published by Medical News Today demonstrating the benefits to the arteries of taking a daily "hearty" breakfast.

The results of this study were presented to the American College of Cradiology in New Orleans.

The team of Sotirios Tsalamandris formed three groups of participants divided according to the number of calories they absorbed during their breakfast.

The first group of members absorbed more than 20% of their daily calories during this first meal of the day. For the most part, this hearty "breakfast" consisted of milk, cheese, cereals, bread and honey.

In the second group, participants consumed only 5% to 20% of their daily calories at breakfast. On the menu, coffee or low-fat milk, buttered pine, honey, olives and fruits.

The third group consisted of people who did not eat breakfast at all.

It was the participants in the first group who, at the end of the study, showed that they were likely to have the healthiest arteries.

But Sotiriois Tsalamandris emphasizes that the results of this study are not necessarily of universal value: all the participants live indeed in Greece where they follow a "Mediterranean" diet because of their eating habits. The results of the study can not therefore be systematically extended to a wider population.

In addition, the Athenian team notes that "people who do not skip breakfast tend to have healthier eating habits overall, as well as healthier lifestyles." Which could obviously have an impact on the health of their arteries.

Finally, the authors of the study also recognize the foods eaten by members of the group of energy-rich breakfasts, such as dairy products, can themselves have cardioprotective effects.

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