Homeopathy: Academies of medicine and pharmacy are against

The academies of medicine and pharmacy have co-signed a statement denouncing homeopathy, deemed ineffective, and claiming the cessation of reimbursement by the Social Security.

So that homeopathy is no longer reimbursed by the Secu. A 58 votes for and 16 against, the Academy of Medicine voted Tuesday, March 26 in favor of a communiqué co-signed with the Academy of Pharmacy to denounce the inefficiency of homeopathy, announcement Le Figaro this Wednesday, March 27th. The Academy had already openly taken a stand against homeopathy in 1984, 1987, 2004 and then in 2017 via the Scientific Council of the Academies of European Sciences.

Insufficient knowledge

"The state of the scientific data does not allow to verify" any of the principles of homeopathy and "the meta-analyzes have not demonstrated the effectiveness of homeopathic preparations", is it written in today's release hui. According to a working group on the subject, homeopathy does not deserve to be called "medicine" or even "alternative medicine". And if the French believe in it (72% of them consider it effective according to a recent survey), it is mainly because of "insufficient knowledge and / or underestimation of the placebo effect with expectation" , affirm the two Academies.

Thus, according to Daniel Bontoux, rapporteur of the text, homeopathy is, at best, "a good adjunct" to the placebo effect and conditioning of the patient, to whom the doctor owes the truth on the subject, insists -he. Therefore, the press release calls for homeopathy to no longer be reimbursed by Social Security and for dedicated university degrees to cease to exist. Whether in medical school (this is already the case in Lille since the beginning of 2018), pharmacy or even veterinary school.

"It's time for the government to take action!"

If doctors are used to expressing their distrust of homeopathy, the opposition of pharmacists is more recent. Last December, for the first time, some of them co-signed a platform in The Express to denounce his repayment.

"No, homeopathy is not an active medicine, even if it has a marketing authorization and a refund, an unjustified state of affairs, because homeopathy, unlike other drugs, has not proved its effectiveness on the basis of verifiable and objective demonstrations recognized by the international scientific community, "they wrote, indicating in passing that these white granules were" not necessarily harmless ". "If a product based on water and sugar obviously can not hurt, it can waste time or even put life at risk in case of acute or chronic illness whose treatment can not wait", s 'they alarmed.

Today, "we are happy to see that the two academies are clearly positioned.It is time that the public authorities and the ordinal authorities take note!", Says Dr. Jérémy Descoux, cardiologist and president of the collective Fakemed (shortcut of "Fake medicine") at Figaro. The doctor regrets, however, that the statement is not more incisive. "Prescribing and dispensing homeopathy means accepting the premise, and when we propose homeopathy to a patient we are at least ambiguous," he says, more favorable to non-drug interventions such as psychotherapy or dietetics.

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